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Camp Baldwin 6/23-7/23

Register NOW - spots are limited and always go fast. Don't miss out!

Camp Baldwin Information:

The Best Weeks of Summer are at Camp Baldwin, for Children and Youth!

All camps start at 2:00 pm the first day with registration and end at 1:00 pm the last day.

**Van service will be available on a first come/first service availability for $20.00 round trip from Salcha Baptist Church.

*** T-Shirts will be available for purchase for $10.00 the first day of camp

To attend camp you must have completed the school grade listed for that week. If you try to attend with a different grade, you will be sent home.

No camper may leave camp and return without approval from the Program Director.

Campers, Read this carefully

There are a few rules and guidelines that we will all follow at camp. If you do not or will not follow these rules, you will be returned home and the cost of transportation will be billed to you and your parents. We are going to have a GREAT CAMP but we will not allow inappropriate behavior to endanger the safety of others.

Register online at www.tananavalleybaptistassociation.com  Questions: call 378-6248

Mail in payments to: TVBA, PO Box 60261, Fairbanks, AK 99706  

WARNING: There are NOT a lot of spaces available, so register EARLY!

Camp Schedule & Cost

Grades K-2* June 23-25 $ 90.00

Grades 3-4 June 28-July 2 $110.00

Grades 5-6 July 5-9 $110.00

Grades 7-8 July 12-16 $110.00

Grades 9-12 July 19-23 $120.00

*K kids should have spent a night away from home prior to attending camp.

What to Bring: (mark all clothing with your name)

__ Your Bible       __ Warm Jacket                                 

__ Extra Clothes/Socks for rainy days

__ Sleeping Bag  __ Swim Suit                     __Money for Candy, Pop, & Snacks    

__ Pillow              __ Clothes for Camp           (K-2 - $6/3-6 $10.00/7-12 - $12.00)

__ 2 Towels          __ Bag for Dirty Clothes __ A Good Attitude

__ 1 Wash Cloth  __ Insect Repellant                            

__ Soap                 __ Brush or Comb                 A Bright Smile! !

__ Shampoo         __ Tennis Shoes

__ Toothbrush     __ Pocket Knife (Grades 3-12)         

__ Toothpaste      __ Shower Shoes                                           

Do NOT Bring:

Tape, CD Player or radio                         Halter Tops

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Drugs                      Short Shorts

Fireworks                                                          Magazines

Electronic Devices   (Ex: I-Pod, cell phone, games, etc.)                               



5th - 6th grade Camp Baldwin 2019.