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Jehovah-Sabaoth (May Business meeting)

May Business Meeting

"Sabaoth" (Lord of Hosts) May 21, 2023

after the service, in Fellowship Hall.

The meeting follows a potluck meal. There is no dessert contest this meeting.

JEHOVAH-SABAOTH means "Lord of Hosts." This is our annual May church business meeting for church members plus some joyful activities. It immediately follows the service, in Fellowship Hall, beginning with a potluck meal.


Among other things, in 2023 we will be approving motions from:

  1. The Church Clerk - for approval of 10 new members
  2. The Nominating Committee - for the election of the following:

Children’s Ministry Team

  • Anne Shrimplin
  • Stacy Motis
  • Terri Beach
  • Jodi Dreher
  • Kaitlin Cox

All members were urged to attend.

Sign up for the coordinated potluck!

Just click on the "Next Steps" button (lower right)

and choose "Sabaoth Coordinated Potluck."


Meat Main dish -LC

Potato side - SE

Non-potato side -

Dessert: - LC

Dessert: -