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1 & 2 Samuel Bible Class

An Old Testament study in obedience, disobedience, and the results. Taught by Kevin Lankford.

Leadership and the Fate of a Nation are in the Hand of God!

Back by popular demand, this adult Sunday Bible class is taught by Kevin Lankford. He is returning to the classroom with his sharp wit and sense of humor. But most importantly Kevin helps everyone in this class understand and love God's Word and apply it to their lives. Kevin has deep interest in current news on signs for the end times, identifying false teaching, and helping the church stay true to biblical faith. You will also get more in-depth understanding of the biblical characters to help you better understand yourself and those around you.

If you are confused or frustrated by the news, wondering where we are all headed, and looking for direction in an increasingly corrupt culture, this class will help you immensely. This class is open-enrollment and visitors are always welcome!

Spring 2021 this class is wrapping up 1 Samuel and about to move into 2 Samuel to study the kingship of David and God's lordship over all.

When: Every Sunday at 9:45am

Where: 1197 University Ave, room 210 on the main floor

How: Lecture style sitting in a circle with opportunity for questions and discussion.

Let us know you are coming and we will save a seat for you!