Warning - Location Changed! Remember that the June Men's Breakfast this Saturday, 6/12, will be at Grady's home. Contact Grady for Address

Community Groups

These groups gather to share meals, pray, sing, read Scripture, and build Christian friendships.

New Groups Can and should form often!

If you don't see a group that matches what you are looking for, then fill out the form below and one of our Pastors will get back to you soon on the possibility of starting a new group. Please don't hesitate to show interest in a new group.

Every Community Group's highest stated purpose at University Baptist Church is Christian fellowship. They achieve fellowship by eating together, doing fun things together, working together, celebrating life's joys together, and supporting each other through difficulties. They are distinctively Christian by always including one of the following in their time together: prayer, Bible-reading, sharing testimonies, sharing the Gospel, ministering in practical ways, turning away from sin, and Bible devotionals.

Update Spring 2021: a few people have expressed interest in a community group for families and also a separate group for an addiction recovery community. Are these something you are interested in? Let us know by filling out the form. Other community ideas welcome.

Have an Idea for a New Group?