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Church Membership

Partner with us to lead people to life in Christ.

Why join a church? Is it like joining a club, a gym, a rewards program etc? Not at all! In Scripture the illustration used for church membership is being a member of the body of Christ (read 1 Corinthians 12). Becoming a member at University Baptist Church is not about perks and benefits. Membership is about becoming part of something bigger than yourself. We have the God-given mission to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). All Christians have a God-given gift to contribute to the work of Christ. Jesus left this earth to sit on His throne to allow us to finish the work of disciple-making He started. Let that amazing thought sink in for a moment.

Our church's mission is to lead people to life in Christ. We are called to do this not only for our neighbors in Fairbanks but also across Alaska, across borders and over seas. When you join University Baptist Church you are partnering with us to grow in Christ-Likeness and lead people to live the way God intended, in obedience to Him. We will celebrate together, mourn together, work together, make mistakes together, and find victory together. The picture of a unified body means that we do everything we can to support each other, promote spiritual health, and accomplish tasks as a team.

When you become a member of University Baptist Church we genuinely believe that you can help others in our church live life in Christ and that we can help you live life in Christ. Fill out the form below to get started!

Family Membership Info

We need more information for our records from those wishing to join UBC. If you are not a family, that is ok, just submit info for you. We may already have much of the info, but need to be sure we are not missing anything.