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Monthly Men's Breakfast

This Community Group meets every 2nd Saturday for Bacon, Bible, and Brotherhood.

May 14 Men's Breakfast at Pastor Grady's Home!

This community of men gathers monthly to enjoy breakfast, camaraderie, and short devotionals on biblical manhood. This group is open to all men and men are encouraged to bring their sons and grandsons with them! We usually have lots of pancakes, egg casseroles, and loads of bacon or sausage. Occasionally we have special breakfasts like crispy maple chicken wings and waffles! Towards the end of breakfast Pastor Grady teaches from Scripture and books on the theology of manhood and how men can be leaders, providers, and protectors for the people in their lives. Everyone who comes to men's breakfast is encouraged to join a "work-to-give squad" of 3-5 men who you meet at men's breakfast. These squads work shoulder-to-shoulder on projects of their choosing aimed at helping to meet practical needs of people God brings into their lives.

When: The second Saturday of every month at 9am (we are usually done by 10:15-10:30).

Where: Usually in Fellowship Hall at the church. (But May 14 will be at Pastor Grady's home.)

How: Drink coffee and share stories while pancakes flip and bacon sizzles. Eat at tables of 6-8, then listen to a devotional on biblical manhood.

Cost: Click the button below to bring some food or drink to breakfast!

May 14 Menu:

egg cassserole -T.B.

egg scramble - M.B.

Bacon - D.D.

Fresh Fruit -R.L.

good coffee -G.C.

June 11 Menu:

Awaiting your contributions!

July 9 Menu:

´╗┐Awaiting your contributions!